How does The Education Relief Foundation contribute to SDG4?

The core operational structure of ERF is based on a process of diagnosis, forecast, and commitment for the introduction of the principle of balance and inclusivity in the curricula, content, and pedagogy offered by educational systems and institutions.

This process includes 1) analysis of local contexts for adapting the materials and the approach of teaching to specific projects; 2) focusing on delivery of tailored Training of Trainers (ToT) programmes that meet specific needs; 3) and, finally, ensuring that ERF’s ToTs offer sufficient flexibility to teachers for adapting their materials and approach of teaching to local requirements.

For this, ERF works towards a commitment to change both at the policy level as well as amongst the stakeholders of the relevant education systems and institutions (school authorities, senior members of non-teaching staff in schools, teachers, and trainers). The organisation is committed to open up a new dialogue, making the case for balanced and inclusive education, with policy makers.

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